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Start designing a life you love to live! The ultimate accountability for you could be a tough, but kind Personal Trainer that pushes you hard, but not too hard.

Fitness is just one of those things, isn’t it? We all know the statistics… Regular fitness can lengthen your lifespan, bring you better health, improved mood and even prevent some scary diseases as you age. Sometimes it slips waaaay down the list of priorities even though we’re well aware of the pros and cons.

It’s time to start designing a life you love to live.  One that’s full of energy, adventure and lots of sunshine! 

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Is Personal Training for You?

On-Site Personal Training is for you if you need personal guidance/fitness programming, don’t enjoy the gym scene, prefer privacy, have restricted availability and/or need one-on-one guidance.  Your San Diego Personal Trainer Erin Kendall makes fitness convenient, easy-to-follow, invigorating and even sometimes fun!

Personal Training is just like an accountability workout buddy that provides specific functional training designed just for you!  Know that you will be pushed, encouraged, motivated and held accountable for your fitness goals in the kindest way possible.

Workout with Me

Prices begin at $75/hour & $45/half hour

  • 1 hour or half hour sessions (depends on location, budget, needs etc.)
  • First session includes
    • Health History
    • Goal Setting
    • Past Workout Experiences
    • Expectations
    • Light exercise movements
    • Instruction on how to best perform exercises
  • Free Access to private Facebook Group
  • Free Access to Members Only Fit Club Workout Video Library
  • Progressive and personalized ongoing fitness planning

Most individuals notice a significant improvement in fitness levels within just a couple months of personal training.  Progressive programming allows me to create workouts that are appropriate for your body at the exact right time.  Some minor soreness is to be expected in the beginning and tapers off quickly.  We adjust your goals and programming regularly to help continue to improve your fitness levels until we reach maintenance phase.

Erin Kendall Fitness on YouTube

Get started with short and sweet workout videos that is sure to get the blood flowing, energy up and excitement for fitness flowing! 


My boyfriend and I have been training with Erin for about 3 months now and we absolutely love her! She is always on time and ready to go when we get there. We have done her boot camp classes, personal training and small group training and love it all. I would recommend Erin to anyone who is looking to get into shape and stay motivated.

~ Brittany E.

Erin is an absolute pleasure to be around and great at her job. She really knows her stuff and alters each session to your needs. Erin is the most reliable and dependable trainer I’ve had. You will see within the first few minutes she genuinely loves what she does!

~ Lisa L.

About Erin

I never viewed fitness as a priority before my early 20’s.  My sister would drag me to the gym and I did it to hang out with her.  I was sooo out of shape.  My motivation to keep up with her helped me keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Soon enough I started looking forward to my workout and little by little I started working out on my own.  I would go running after work and do an occasional workout video in my living room.  Little did know that couple this experience with watching my Mom take great care of herself were the building blocks for a life long love for fitness.  Before I knew it I would REALLY miss my workouts if they didn’t happen and I would remember that exhilaration of blood coursing through my veins and endorphins flooding my brain. That right there is when I knew I was hooked! 

It might seem scary to turn yourself over to a personal trainer or fitness program. You might wonder if it’ll be too painful, too hard, too inconvenient. I won’t throw any of those things at you until you’re ready.  9 years experience as a Personal Trainer has taught me how to know when someone is ready to be pushed to the next level and when they are not.


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